Leadership Framework

Leadership Framework: “

The Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordan England has a simple foundation for how to “make” a leader:

  • Treat every person with dignity and respect – nobody is more important than anyone else
  • Be forthright, honest and direct with every person and in every circumstance
  • Improve effectiveness to gain efficiency
  • Cherish your time and the time of others – it is not renewable
  • Identify the critical problems that need solution for the organization to succeed
  • Describe complex issues and problems simply so every person can understand
  • Never stop learning – depth and breadth of knowledge are equally important
  • Encourage constructive criticism
  • Surround yourself with great people and delegate to them full authority and responsibility
  • Make ethical standards more important than legal requirements
  • Strive for team-based wins, not individual
  • Emphasize capability – not organization
  • Incorporate measures and metrics everywhere
  • Concentrate on core functions and outsource all other

Ask how these can be applied to project work?


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